Share and Sell your Resources

See here how to prepare and share your texture palette to the greater community-and even how you can sell it online!

Prepare your texture palette

  1. Reduce project so that only the asset and required files are left.
  2. Consolidate your project to collect all external files are in one folder. (Include fonts if you use them)
  3. Archive the project and files into a ZIP
  4. Upload it to any platform you like. I recommend using or
  5. Create a cover image 500x300 black and white image with a circle in the middle.
  6. Submit your texture palette here.
  7. When your asset gets approved it will show up in the Texture Library.


You can use this template to create a video showcasing your texture palette.

How to Import and Export Palettes

  1. Download the resource.
  2. Drag and drop it into After Effects. 
  3. Refresh the script and the palettes will show up!